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We’ve been seeing some notable collaborations bouncing around in the music community. Lady Gaga revealed that she’s just put the finishing touches on a duet with  Sir Elton John appearing on GaGa’s upcoming album Born This Way and Jay-Z and Kanye West are turning their partnership into a full album.

Not to mention On November 16, Blue Note Records will release ‘…Featuring’, a star-studded collection of Norah Jones’ musical collaborations from the past decade with Q-tip, Outkast, Ray Charles, The Foo Fighters and more.

But what are we not seeing that we would like? Furthermore, what collaborations would we have liked to have seen in the past?

Some of the collaborations that are coming up are still hopeful possibilities; the rest will just have to wait for the zombie apocalypse in 2012.


Prince and Michael Jackson were up and coming artists in the late 70s and early 80s. Prince went on to pioneering the ‘Minneapolis sound’, a hybrid mixture of funk, rock, pop, R&B. Jackson, although coming from a different path, was creating a similar sound, just with less sex involved.

You can really see the similarities in their slow music; both voices ooze smoothly over your ears and We’re pretty sure Dirty Diana was written for Prince, well atleast the guitar part anyway.

You’ve got two artists with godlike power in their voices who could have been interchanged on some of their tracks without anyone noticing. Prince can make love to guitar strings like no other. Jackson could dance firey circles around the cast of Dancing With Stars.

You’ve got yourself one hell of a performance.


Jimi Hendrix‘s raw guitar style was an influence on Prince but he never made mention of Robert Plant, one of the greatest guitarists in existence, from Led Zeppelin though.

Not only would have this collaboration brought together two of the most influential guitarists in history but it would once again brought two vocalists with voices that could twist around eachother on stage to form one haggard rasp.

Yes, we know, they’re both blind. We get it. On the other hand, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are two of the greatest singers to blend R&B/gospel/blues. They are both noted for combining many musical styles of the time into one workable sound.

If they were capabale of blending music they would easily be capable of blending themselves into eachother. Great things would happen.


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