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The Fugees rose to fame in the mid 90s, and broke many hearts when they disbanded shortly after their critically acclaimed album The Score. In 2004 the group reunited, embarked on a European tour, and even built up the anticipation for a new album, but eventually broke apart again.  

For years, the group’s relationship has caused much speculation and many have questioned why this amazingly talented group would split. In a recent interview with US Weekly former member Pras comes clean about the Fugee’s break up and dishes more about fellow group members.  

In the interview, Pras admits that Lauryn Hill and Wyclef’s romantic relationship tore apart the group, along with Lauryn’s pregnancy. Pras also goes on to answer questions about Lauryn Hill’s mental state, and also reveals that she has an album coming out in the summer. Here is the interview. Be sure to check it out and let me know what your thoughts are.