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One of my good friends, let’s call him Kevin, is marrying his girlfriend that he has been dating for a year and a half. Making the decision was extremely hard for him. It wasn’t a hard decision because he didn’t love his girl, but because of his fear this would be the end of his sex life as he knows it. This is the only guy I know who lucked up into a threesome while getting stuck working the late shift. He kept 2 or 3 pretty women on call for those moments when he needed some. He said that he was used to the single life, where if one girl wasn’t down he could just move on to the next. But for the last year and a half he said his sex life was like a roller coaster ride, from wild crazy and sporadic, to mood swings, quiet and boring. So he asked the married brothers: Does it stay like this for the whole ride?

The answer is not a simple one, but the truth is that single sex is a different beast than married sex. There is nothing like being in love with someone and making love to them. And there is nothing like meeting someone and realizing there is a sexual attraction, and ripping each other’s clothes off.

Married Sex Pros

· You are making love to someone who you are building a life with.

· No confusion on where this relationship is going. No question marks at the end.

· You don’t have to get up and go home.

· You should have a great comfort level with this person.

· You should never find yourself at the clinic afterwards.


Married Sex Cons

· Mood swings, arguments, money issues, children etc. can make their way into the bedroom.

· It can be predictable and lack variety.

· You can only have one partner for life (FOR LIFE).

· You may be out of sync and have to work to get the passion back.

· When it’s bad, it’s bad and you have to stick around.

Hot Wild Single Sex Pros

· So many options and variety to explore. You can have a partner that fits your mood.

· New experiences can help you build your skill levels up. You can master your game.

· You get to live out your fantasies and not miss out on opportunities.

· You schedule your time for romance; it’s not scheduled for you.

· When it’s good, it’s amazing – WOW.


Hot Wild Single Sex Cons

· You always have to protect yourself from diseases.

· You never know someone’s agenda.

· Possibility of meeting a stage 5 clinger or stalker.

· Possibility of an oopsie baby. Then you are tied to this person for life.

· You are not building a future; you are just getting pleasure for the moment.

Overall, the advice that was given to Kevin was to not worry; if she is the woman of your dreams then you will have some of the best sex of your life with this person over time. It will not always be as hot as butt naked wild single sex, and will require a lot more work to maintain. But in the end you gain a woman who will be there for you in ways that last way longer than the 2 or 3 hours (extremely good sex takes time J) you will get out of your freak of the week.

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