O’Canada, O’Canada! Today is Canada Day! Our global neighbors celebrate their country’s independence, just like us Americans are preparing to celebrate for the 4th of July. C parades, carnivals, BBQs, fireworks and even free musical concerts are all planned for the big day.  Although Canada has a small population for its enormous land size, it […]


Everyday millions of men step onto the playing field to try their luck in this game called ‘Love’. They prematurely assume they are equipped with the proper tools to attract the ‘right one’ because they have on cologne made by Diddy, money to buy drinks, and clothes you can only purchase from boutiques, in reality […]


Hey GlobalGrind! It’s @JENNIJWOWW I always tell that to my friends not to stay in during summer. The biggest thing about me, especially when I was younger, is that I am a night owl. I loved summer when I was younger because it was only two months out of the year that you had a break […]

One of my good friends, let’s call him Kevin, is marrying his girlfriend that he has been dating for a year and a half. Making the decision was extremely hard for him. It wasn’t a hard decision because he didn’t love his girl, but because of his fear this would be the end of his sex life […]


Under-appreciated rapper, Lupe Fiasco, spoke to students during an Empowerment Conference for Teenage Girls in Chicago’s south side. The conference focused on the high teenage pregnancy rates in the area, trying to spread positivity in order to change the statistics. While Lupe was there to speak to the students, he also talked with TrueStar about […]


Snoop Dogg is urging Tiger Woods to reconcile with wife Elin Nordegren. With the news that the two plan on splitting, Snoop suggests that the couple take some time to let their wounds heal. Snoop told Larry King “You know, that’s a proximal issue with him and his wife. And I feel like it’s been […]

<p>My heart aches &hellip; And my soul remains despondent &hellip;The rest of me just resembles a former shell of itself&mdash;a now unfortunate collection of cursed molecules that no longer understands its place nor purpose in this universe. There was actually a time when I sincerely believed that my sole purpose in life was to love […]

My what a difference a season can make. Tiny and Toya are set to begin their 2nd season of The Tiny and Toya Show. In part 2 of my sit down w/ Toya you’ll find out more about her relationship w/ Tiny and the advice Tiny gave her for Lil Wayne and much more.  TOYA […]


by Jim Jones Juelz and Wayne…Him and Juelz are like brothers, so I think he spoke to him a few times. Shouts to Wayne, you already know, keep your head up. Do yo’ sets nigga. A couple of pushups or something nigga. It ain’t nothing, ya dig? Nigga’s get shot and go to jail everyday. […]

Lady Gaga is giving the women a little bit of love advice. The certified diamond selling star gave a revealing tale of sleeping with lots of rock stars and falling in love with her career. According to the Post Lady Gaga said ‘I wanted to sleep with as many rock ‘n’ roll guys as I could, […]

<p>You’ve discovered the best approach to finding your perfect match. Unlike other dating sites, Perfectmatch uses Duet&reg; to find highly compatible matches AND provides powerful search tools; working with you to find the right person for you.</p><p>Perfectmatch.com a leading online dating site, matchmaker and relationship service created to introduce you to compatible local singles in […]

<p>Author and actor Hill Harper recently held a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Torrance, California to promote his latest book The Conversation:&nbsp; How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving and Trusting Relationships.</p><p>In his moving yet practical book, Hill Harper has conversations with friends and strangers -married, single and divorced &ndash; and learns […]