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Everyday millions of men step onto the playing field to try their luck in this game called ‘Love’. They prematurely assume they are equipped with the proper tools to attract the ‘right one’ because they have on cologne made by Diddy, money to buy drinks, and clothes you can only purchase from boutiques, in reality they are as lost as freshmen on college campuses.

The key to attracting an amazing woman is not in what you wear or the amount of drinks you offer to buy her. This has been proven unsuccessful infinite times as the night ends and you become just another guy that bought her a drink or ‘that guy that had on the *insert your expensive outfit here*’ yet men still practice this ritual. If you want to make your nights out on the town more memorable grab a pen & paper …

1 – Entrance

When you enter a room you can feel if you have gotten the attention of it’s guests or if you came in unnoticed, use this to your advantage. Neither is necessarily better than the other if you play your cards right.

If you have managed to gain an audience don’t let it bother you, walk as if you own the place and expected the response you received, think confidence rather than arrogance. If you came in under the radar use that as means to discreetly scour the crowd and see who strikes your interest, watch how they are interacting with the crowd, people are much easier to read when they don’t notice the microscope.

This will also separate you from the guys who look like they are ‘on the prowl’. Once you have become comfortable with your environment and have settled on your best option(s) for the evening, begin your approach.


2 – Approach

Approach sounds like engage but its not, not just yet. Your objective now is to get the attention of the woman who unknowingly got your attention. This has to be clever and unlike any other man that has or plans to approach her, if you come off as a clone you’ll be treated as such.

I recommend you somehow make her smile from afar … I tend to just smile but that doesn’t work for everyone, this is when knowing your strengths comes in; but be smart if you workout and it shows don’t wave and lift your shirt up, it seems like common sense but there are guys that have tried it #BlameJerseyShore.

No matter what type of vibe you feel from the icebreaker don’t walk over there, let a few songs play then make your way over to her section. Take a path that doesn’t seem so direct and premeditated, make it seem like fate dropped you within an earshot of her. On your way over think about the 1st three things you remember about her, those are what attracted you and she probably knows those are her strengths.

Do not and I repeat DO NOT give her a line guys, lines are for amusement parks and she’s just waiting for a reason to put you in the ‘like all the rest of the guys’ category. Don’t comment on things you can’t possibly know about her like her intellect, personality, etc …. Keep your comments to what meets the eye and the reaction you had as a result of it.

If you couldn’t stop looking at her face tell her she’s beautiful and its been a while since you caught yourself staring at someone, if you couldn’t stop drooling over her breasts compliment the color of her shirt and tell her she makes it look good, make EYE contact as you say it.


Stay away from compliments like motherly, adorable, and never end a compliment with ‘for a …’ (i.e you’re cute ‘for a …’) – Talk about life, be short yet memorable … Let her speak and when she gives you an out take it. When