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The thing about Ken Griffey Jr, one of the best African American athletes to play in the MLB, he was great for our generation. Jr made baseball video games on Super Nintendo cooler than even and his Nikes that have been released over the course of his career have been collectables. It is just great to have this guy’s legacy traced back to big homeruns, his signature swing, and dope NIKEs… instead of STEROIDS.

Ken Griffey Jr was a role model and so many kids looked up to “The Kid” when we were growing up. He was always a stand up guy, so when he retired on May 31st of this year we all remembered the good he did for baseball and not steroids. Nike baseball will continue to release his signature sneakers and doesn’t plan on retiring his models anytime in the near future. Nike will continue to pay homage to Ken Griffey Jr. as they release the Griffey Collection, including the Metallic Platinum Air Griffey Max 1, Griffey swingman t-shirt, and cap. This was a quickstrike release and was the release of the 4th of July Weekend at retailers such as Shoe Gallery in Miami. via Sneaker Me Stupid