The Daily Grind Video

50 Cent and Olivia might be back in business. The two teamed up for the smash hit Candy Shop, before a nasty break up where a lot of bad things were said, but now all could be forgiven. The Former G-Unit princess was seen outside the G-Unit offices talking to 50 Cent‘s driver and I’ve learned that Olivia and her manager Rich Dollarz went inside the G-Unit offices for a meeting. With who, or for what… I have no clue, but they were in the building. 

I know from my interview with Lloyd Banks that 50 Cent is a constant presence in that building, along with a lap dog who runs around the office like it’s his. While I was in there to interview Lloyd Banks about Kat Stacks and other groupie tales, I noticed 50 Cent playing with his new electrical device. 50 Cent turned from ESPN which I had been watching to the bible channel and made the entire office listen to scripture at top volume. True story, I swear to goodness.

Side bar, Olivia back with G-Unit? Is that a good idea? I wonder what Young Buck has to say about that? Maybe the Game? Can this once powerful crew, rise back to the top by adding a few pieces from the past? Or should 50 Cent create a new sound and a new policy of being friendly, building alliances, and playing nice for a change?