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After the premiere of Jersey Shore, a lot of fans were writing emails and posting on Facebook that they loved my shirts and my jeans that I wore, and asking how could they purchase them. I designed all of my clothes during the first season. I would buy people’s things and alter them to my liking. After seeing people interested in these clothing items, I was inspired to start my own clothing line.

I saw that we couldn’t produce them fast enough on our own, so I started getting in touch with manufacturing companies that make clothing lines, and I just kind of collaborated with them. I would give them my designs, so they could help me produce them.


The name of my clothing line is Filthy Couture, and comes out of the lifestyle that we live. On the show, we always mentioned that the house music that we listen to has dirty, filthy, beats, so that’s where I got the ‘filthy” part from, and my dresses are couture, so I put the two concepts together.

Coming up with the name wasn’t the hardest part of developing a clothing line. It was making it, and making sure that it doesn’t look like anything else, to the best of my ability. If I noticed something that someone did, or if I was inspired by something, I’d do the opposite because I don’t want people to think that I copied them. I don’t want people to say, “Oh, she just made it because it looked like this.” I really want people to just notice that it’s a lot different from everyone else’s.”

I recently launched my clothing line’s runway show at the Palms in Las Vegas, which I’m really excited over. I had my own fashion show on top of the Palms, at the Ghostbar.

Check out my video recap:


Now, I’m back in Jersey. In my free time, I chill, hang out in my house, chill with my dogs, see my family, or hang out with my boyfriend. I’m not really into the whole club scene. If I don’t have to go there, then I won’t, but we have so many appearances at clubs. This past Saturday, I went to some event, and when I got back to my house I watched Law & Order SVU until like three in the morning and ate popcorn, and hung out with my dogs. I have two of them  – Bella who’s a Pomeranian and Noelle, a Maltese – and boyfriend the whole time. That’s my Saturday night.

It’s premature, but I actually thought about making accessories an