The Daily Grind Video

WTF? If you know that I get up at 4:30 am Monday thru Friday to do the Ed Lover Show on Power 105, and you speak to me throughout my day and know that I didn’t go straight home from work and that I just walked in at around 3:30 pm, why would you call me and start talking at 5:00 pm!? Plus, you are blowing my phone up like it’s an emergency, and there is none! Damn! I hate that! Then when u ask if I was asleep and I say YES!, you keep talking anyway! WTF! What part of I WAS ASLEEP. didn’t you hear?

When did it become ok for people to give out your personal cell phone number to other people without permission?! WTF! I HATE that too! Now I see why all of my celeb friends and peers keep changing their cell numbers! Then when I see them, I gotta get a whole new number for them!

When did it not become ok to criticize someones work? You people who are artist are getting too damn sensitive for me! WTF! Once you put the work out into the atmosphere, it’s there to be liked or disliked! Just because I don’t like your latest album or movie or book doesn’t mean that I don’t like YOU! But your YES people never tell you when I say that! Do they?!

When did this ‘FIRST’  battle start on blog comment boxes?! WTF! So what you’re the first one to comment you asshole! You gotta insult everyone else because of it?!

When did we stop saying whole phrases like ‘Oh My God’ and ‘What The Fuck?’ and replace them with abbreviations?!