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Lil B is the most polarizing man in hip hop.

The 20 year-old emcee first appeared on our radar as a member of Bay Area group The Pack, whose ode to Vans was major hit back in 2006. Nowadays as a solo artist signed to Soulja Boy‘s S.O.D. Money Gang record label, Lil B, also known as The Based God, has been causing controversy left and right with his “based freestyles” and their accompanying music videos, which have been all over World Star Hip-Hop and Youtube.

A look at the comment section of any of these videos will show just how split the reaction is to B. Some hail him as the future, a hip-hop renegade pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in rap. Others see him as further proof that hip hop is dead, and wonder if he’s joking (or totally out of his mind).



To incite such intense reactions on both sides, obviously Lil B must be doing something. So what is it about the Based God that causes such a stir? Well, for starters he constantly refers to himself as a “pretty bitch” and a “princess.” In an era and genre so concerned with machismo, B’s seemingly lack of self-consciousness in calling himself a ‘bitch’ is somewhat alarming. Furthermore, he spits lines like “hoes on my dick ‘cuz I look like Jesus…/Niggas getting mad ‘cuz I dress like Jesus Christ” and ‘Went to the mall with my dykin’ ass bitch/She a faggot bitch but she still suck my dick’. He takes the template laid out by Bay-Area veteran Too $hort and goes left-field with it. B just says whatever comes to his mind. Much like when Lil’ Wayne stopped writing his rhymes and just spit what comes to him, Lil B’s method is total stream-of-consciousness. He calls this realm of consciousness basedworld.

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