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Yeah man!! Usher turned 32 years young yesterday, October 14. Entering your 30s is a time many people dread, but for Usher, who’s accomplished more than people twice his age, he shouldn’t feel down at all. In case he or anyone else has forgotten what a major music industry player Usher is, I’ve compiled a list of five things Usher has achieved before reaching the age of 32 that he should be very proud of:

1. Made a certified DIAMOND album:



Many wondered if Usher would be giving up his R&B king crown after the disappointing sales of ‘Here I Stand,’ but until the other boys hit diamond status like Ush did with ‘Confessions,’ his crown is safe. His biggest album has sold over 10 million copies in the United States, giving it the highest recognition the RIAA can bestow upon an album.


2. Owned the 2000s with the most No. 1 singles:



The first decade of the new millennium had its share of noise-makers on the Billboard Hot 100. Beyonce went solo and gave us hit after hit, Justin Timberlake went solo and gave us hit after hit, Rihanna came along and dropped hit after hit. But none of them can touch Usher, who earned the distinction of having the most No. 1 singles in the 2000s. He grabbed the title by releasing seven chart toppers in the 10 year span: ‘U Remind Me,’ ‘U Got It Bad,’ ‘Yeah!,’ ‘Burn,’ ‘Confessions Part II,’ ‘My Boo,’ and ‘Love In This Club.’


3. Performed with Stevie Wonder and Shakira for President Obama:

While many of us traveled to Washington D.C. to take witness President Obama’s historic inauguration, Usher was a part of the weekend’s festivities. He performed the inspirational ‘Higher Ground’ with Stevie Wonder and Shakira in front of millions, including the President, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, at the Lincoln Memorial.


4. Ushered in the era of Bieber Fever:

How many times has a big star endorsed a new act and told the world he/she will be the next best thing only to see that new act fizzle as soon as the ink on the recording contract dried? Yeah…tons. Usher has too in the past, but in 2009, he helped introduced the world to one of today’s biggest teen sensations, Justin Bieber. Big bro Usher has seen his lil bro Justin release a No. 1 album (they even had a li

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