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Now, that we’ve got our Jimmy Brooks fix for the week, here’s some more free music to vibe along to. The new EP from How To Destroy Angels is actually worth a listen and even your precious disk space. Trent Reznor, former Nine Inch Nails’ frontman, and wifey Mariqueen Maandig created a new music venture as How To Destroy Angels and their new self-titled EP is free to download. But why do you need to get your digital paws on it? We’ve got 5 sonic reasons. Read on…

1. It’s been a year since NIN called it quits as a live act and the band’s progressive industrial-rock music faded away from the public eye. Trent and Mariqueen get right back to business delivering some dark, industrial electronic music. [pagebreak]

2. If there were ever to be an anti-thesis to Lady GaGa, Mariqueen’s eerie voice would be it. If you need a break from the bright colors of today’s pop music, then How To Destroy Angels will certainly put you in a happy dark hole.

3. Trent’s an evil genius whose music gets into your ears and mind creating a never ending loop. Don’t be surprised when you’re jamming to “Parasite” or “BBB” and your iTunes play count has reached over 100 in a single day.  We warned you. [pagebreak]

4. I never thought Trent had a heart until I heard “Fur Lined.” Trust me, he dances in his sleep. In a similar realm as Head Automatica, How To Destroy Angels’ EP will synthesize all the way down to your toes.

5. Ever wonder what your computer’s hard drive sounds like while surfing the net all day? Take a listen to “The Believers” and it’ll answer all your questions in an amplified slow dance.

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