Zero, is the new series coming to Netflix April 21. It is the first Italian series that is focused on the Black Italian experience. 

May is rapidly approaching, which means Netflix is back at it again with the new shows and movies.

MTV is stirring up controversy with their latest high school dramedy series, Faking It. The show centers around Amy and Karma, two unpopular girls who are “outed” as a couple by a gay classmate. The problem? Neither Amy nor Karma are actually lesbians. After the news of their relationship hits the schoolyard, the former nobodies are […]

It’s official! The streets of Chicago have become a war zone as more homicides have been reported than that of the war in Afghanistan. STORY: 40+ Shot In Chicago And The Weekend Isn’t Even Over Yet!  According to data revealed by the Daily, it showed that while 144 Americans have died in Afghanistan in 2012, […]

Rimer London and South African singer Cata Pirata have released a new video for their song “Put Your Gun Away.” The art for the video was created and designed by Mr Boonstra and Amsterdam’s one and only Parra. Parra is the mastermind behind the cut-outs seen in the video. In this lighthearted and humorous visual, […]

DJ Khaled is known for putting out some great hip-hop bangers and it’s no different with his newest hitmaker-filled song, “Legendary.” “Legendary” is the next single off of his upcoming album, We the Best Forever, out this month on July 19th. The track features Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and NeYo singing together while delivering some […]

Fed up with the nuissance that are hotels (you have to pay for a mini-bar and the sheets are hideous under black lighting) as well as her hideaway in Tennessee, reigning country-pop princess crooner Taylor Swift has set up shop in Los Angeles, buying a $3.5 million getaway.   Swift’s new estate has a living room […]

<p>We just wanted to throw that one out there for you because some people think you can BUT you must FIRST send it THEIR way!</p>


Last night’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards boasted a lot of talented film industry artists and surprised winners, but probably no one was more shocked to stand on the Oscar stage than Trent Reznor.The Last night’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards boasted a lot of talented film industry artists and surprised winners, but probably no one was […]


  To be quite honest, I don’t listen to the radio much these days. I tried listening to the radio when I first arrived here in New York City–the urban format stations- and for the first time in my life, I found listening to music to be a pain. For most of my life, I […]

  Our homie @YoRoyalHigness sent us a list of rules that ALL men should follow when picking out, styling and maintaining a dress suit. Fellas please take note…. And if these don’t apply to you then join us in a little chuckle cause we all have a homeboy that’s done at least one of these: […]