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Our homie @YoRoyalHigness sent us a list of rules that ALL men should follow when picking out, styling and maintaining a dress suit. Fellas please take note…. And if these don’t apply to you then join us in a little chuckle cause we all have a homeboy that’s done at least one of these:

  • Rule #6: Dry-clean your suit from time to time. All the cologne and bathing in the world won’t help you if your suit smells.
  • Rule #5: UR suit should say ‘I’m effortlessly stylish’ as opposed to ‘LOOK @ ME! WHICH IS Y I HAVE ON LIME GREEN WITH ORANGE PLAID LINES !’
  • Rule #4: Buy a suit that fits, or visit a tailor. Nobody looks cool in a suit that looks like it belongs to your older brother.
  • Rule #3: Shiny Suits. The only time this is marginally acceptable is if u are an actual pimp / greasy R&B singer, leave the shiny suits alone
  • Rule #2: UR suit jacket should have no more than three buttons. Otherwise, you look like you borrowed your outfit from a ’97 NFL Draft Pick.
  • Rule #1: Pinstripes should not be TOO WIDE. If it looks like I can park a car between the stripes in your suit, your ish is tacky.

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