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The Growing ‘Grey’ Area in Hip-Hop
In order for Hip-Hop to progress, it’s so important to embrace other cultures’ interpretation of Hip-Hop. This form of music is the greatest way to describe your story; who you are and where you come from. Back in the day, it only mattered if you’re Black or White. Today, it matters whether you’re Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc. There is so much grey area in our country. The ‘Grey’ is what makes this country so awesome to live in.

Remember when Chinese-American rapper, Jin, became a huge deal in music? We still have Asian friends who are so proud to have him as their first Asian-American breakout artist. Raj and Ravi from Revolutionary Kids are half Indian-American. It’s great to see an artist like Jay Sean receiving so much love worldwide. Dudes like Cyprus Hill give Hispanics all over a sense of belonging in rap too and House of Pain even gave Irish-Americans something to identity with. You can bet some of our Jewish friends were happy about Matisyahu’s success and let’s not forget about Drake’s pride in his Jewish roots!


We don’t need to discriminate anymore. The world’s ignorance is shrinking. Hip-Hop is a prime example of that. After all, it is the music of the youth, right? How about the world? As multi-ethnic artists, we may not wear our culture(s) on our sleeves or feel the need to rap about it much- but it has made us more tolerant of the world around us.

So, what can we say? Thanks, Mom & Dad, for going against your parents’ wishes and loving the individual and embracing that ‘Grey’ area!

-Revolutionary Kids | follow us @revkids