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I have been riding this bow tie wave for a few years now and normally when I am on something early I fall back when it starts to pick up steam but in this case I honestly think that men should dress like gentlemen and from time to time a bow tie adds that little extra to your outfit that makes it stand out.


There was a time in our history that men would get dressed up in suits when they went out, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Neckwear in general were almost second nature for some and being clean consisted of more than a new pair of athletic shoes and a nice button front shirt.


Diggy Fresh In A Bowtie And Matching Sperry x Band of Outsider Deck Shoes

Today however, style has changed the way it will until the end of time but I am all for the movement of getting men to take some time and get dressed up every now and then. I’m not implying that you should wear slacks and hard bottom shoes every day but also realize that just because you have on a high end pair of sneakers does not mean you are fresh. Your top half counts for a lot and I have been know to dress up a pair of Nikes with a nice sweater and a tie or bow tie from time to time the same way I dress up a pair of Lanvins. If you have EVER seen me in a club you would be able to vouch for me.


Bowties can also look great dressed down.

I’m also definitely not saying that anyone should go out and wear a bow tie just to fit into my mold of what I think looks ‘fresh’ but every now and then throw on a tie or tuck in your shirt or even wear a shawl neck sweater or blazer instead of a regular crewneck. When you look good, chances are you feel good and when you feel good your day goes much smoother. Some guys only dress up for church and special occasions and I completely understand that, but as long as when you leave your house in the morning you feel as though you are as sharply dressed as you are going to get that day then by all means, rock out. I never understood the concept of not getting dressed up because you are ‘not going anywhere.’ Remember this, You never have a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. As a minority it is especially important for us to remember that it makes us look better as a people when we can be seen as presentable and well dressed on 1st impression. Even though you may not be in a shirt, blazer and tie does not mean you should not take pride in how you look on a daily basis.


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