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There is no doubt about it, Lloyd BanksBeamer,Benz or Bentley‘ is one of the hottest songs out. Radio stations and DJ’s are giving the song some heavy rotation and its Bank’s fastest rising single since 2004’s ‘On Fire.’

Some have drawn comparisons of ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley’ to the 1995 hit by the Lost Boyz ‘Lex, Coupes, Bimas, Benz.’ But if you dig through the crates you will come to find there are an abundance of hip hop hits that focus on whips and rims.  Hip Hop and Cars go hand and hand, take a look at rap songs that pay homage to four wheelers. 


This Lost Boys hit was a summer anthem in 1995.

‘Shout out to the jeeps, the lex,coupes,beamers and the benz, to all my ladies and my mens and all of my peoples in the pins, keep ya head up and to the hood east coast west coast and world wide ain’t nothing wrong with puffin on la and if you with me let me hear you say right’


Rick Ross’s Maybach is smooth and classic like the car he is raps about.

‘Gang-affilated, colors prosecutors painted, ’cause the n*ggas I employed, name synonymous with Mi-Yayo, Instrumental that are mental, Maybach kind of mental 400 of the lot, the block is monumental.’


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