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We all remember Linkin Park for their nu-metal sound that made them household names. Emotionally, they’re known for bringing their fans comfort with their depressed-outsider lyrics that took over their previous records.

With a new album in the works, they’re changing their music with a much more experimental sound, playing around with a bit of punk and electronica sound. It’s still aggressive and heavy, but in a more eclectic way than their last albums.

The rock band has sold an unbelievable 50 million albums worldwide and have topped the charts for the past decade. Now Linkin Park has decided to pull a 180 and completely change their sound and direction for the first single ‘The Catalyst’ from their new album, A Thousand Suns.

It’s the first time Linkin Park has ever tackled a concept record, but so far it seems they’re heading in the right direction. After three studio albums, a remix record and a joint album with Jay-Z, Linkin Park is now stepping outside their comfort zone and trying something new.



Check out their new record, ‘The Catalyst’

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