I didn’t think it was possible, but this week’s episode of Jersey Shore was even more ridiculous than last’s. The Situation and Pauly D and JWoww and Snooki might be the best TV duos to ever exist. This cast has the ability to make even the most simple situation (no pun intended) dramatic and hilarious. […]


The beautiful Katy Perry is an avid gym-goer and this couldn’t be more obvious than on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone. She’s openly been working out five times a week to prep for her wedding to comedian, Russell Brand and it didn’t hurt her as she looks picture perfect on the magazine cover. […]

Common performed at One Music Fest in Atlanta over the weekend. As expected, he killed his performance but that’s not the only reason he caught people’s attention. He was spotted cozying up with Aaliyah’s choreographer, Fatima Robinson, hardly ever leaving eachother’s side. Even though Common recently visited his past love Serena Williams after her foot […]

It’s nothing new that celebs love to vacation. The more exotic and expensive the better. Most celebs go all out when it comes to their down time. A hotel for $5,000 a night is nothing, and chartering a yacht for $20,000 a weekend is the norm. From Diddy to Mariah Carey, and most recently the […]

Fresh out of jail, Snooki is back at it again. After being released on Friday, our favorite reality TV star spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with friends. Also during the weekend, Snooki was caught by the paparazzi walking around Seaside Heights, NJ eating a p*nis shaped lollipop from a sex store. I’m serious, […]


That’s right, 16-year-old Justin Bieber is set to release a memoir of his life. Not only will this upcoming book chronicle the heartthrob’s ‘amazing journey to stardom’ but it’s sure to get tween girls everywhere overly-excited for the month of October in which the book is set to be released. The memoir will be called […]

Amber Rose was down in Miami this past weekend doing everything from playing around at the beach to hosting a party at Dream Nightclub. Amber Rose loves giving men (and women) an eyeful with her perfectly curvaceous body. It looks like Ms. Rose is growing her hair out a little bit while she was caught […]


We all remember Linkin Park for their nu-metal sound that made them household names. Emotionally, they’re known for bringing their fans comfort with their depressed-outsider lyrics that took over their previous records. With a new album in the works, they’re changing their music with a much more experimental sound, playing around with a bit of […]

After everyone’s favorite reality star that they love to hate, Heidi Montag filed for divorce on Friday, Spencer Pratt decided to act like his normal self and throw the producers of The Hills under the bus. Spencer revealed to People Magazine that their marriage was as real as Heidi’s G-cup boobs. “I love Heidi but […]

Montana Fishburne aka Chippy D is making her debut in the adult film industry with a XXX movie from Vivid Entertainment, the same company that leaked Kim Kardashian’s sextape a few years back. The video which has not been officially released yet is set to come out sometime this month, but in the meantime we’ve […]

Everyone hate to say ‘I told you so’ but it seems like after last night’s episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, a lot of people will be saying this line to Kourtney. The oldest Kardashian had her hands full in the latest episode of her reality show when she arrived at her apartment with […]


Pepsi has created a program known as the Pepsi Refresh Project where any person who has an idea that they believe can benefit a community in any sort of way has the opportunity to win a grant to help fund their idea. From providing a “fresh start” baby care package to expectant parents in need, […]