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I didn’t think it was possible, but this week’s episode of Jersey Shore was even more ridiculous than last’s. The Situation and Pauly D and JWoww and Snooki might be the best TV duos to ever exist. This cast has the ability to make even the most simple situation (no pun intended) dramatic and hilarious.

Example number one: The Situation ordering food under the name ‘Situation’ like he really believes that’s what is written on his birth certificate. You couldn’t have just said Mike? I guess I shouldn’t hate.

 The first ten minutes of the show were entertaining enough to last me the whole week, but of course there was way more that happened.



The soap opera that is Sammi and Ronnie‘s relationship.

It seems like Ronnie just can’t get it together. After Sammi went through his phone, which she shouldn’t have done but was not surprising, Ronnie drowned his sorrows in alcohol after she confronted him about seeing that he recently called his ex-girlfriend. Ronnie still went crying back to Sammi as he always does, confessing his love over and over which is kind of sweet but gets annoying after awhile. Of course they make up, for now.

‘This isn’t Saved by the Bell, we’re not Zack and Kelly.’ Thank you Ronnie for that intellectual comparison.


When discussing Ronnie hooking up with ugly girls at Club BED the week before, Pauly D says, ‘We’re promoting a grenade-free America.’ AKA he was trying to keep Ronnie from hooking up with ugly girls, but the way Pauly says it just sounds so much better.


Snooki opening up the fridge causing raw marinating chicken to fall on the floor and make a mess. With Vinny as a witness, these two people were at a loss for what to do. Instead of cleaning up the raw, saucy mess, Vinny goes to the Situation to ask him what to do and Snooki complains about the sauce that got on her furry slippers that she can’t seem to get enough of. Ummmm, CLEAN IT UP! it’s raw chicken, EW!


Snooki walking around the house with a yard-stick filled with alcohol while wearing sunglasses she probably can’t see out of.

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