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stupidDOPE is an online magazine updated multiple times daily.  Our team searches the internet in an effort to bring you some of the best, most diverse and stupidDOPE fashion, technology and music from around the world.  Without further ado, we present to you our top five most stupidDOPE items for this week in no particular order!


New York Laptop Sleeve by Evan Hecox

Evan Hecox is an artist and designer whose work captures the essence of urban environments. In this installment of the Curated by Arkitip series, his artistic homage to the city of New York is printed onto Incase’s 15 In. MacBook Pro Sleeve. The sleeve features form-fitting faux-leather construction, poly-satin quilted interior lining and Evan Hecox-branded YKK zipper pulls. Buy.


The Clear Shoebox by HUPBOX

Some forty odd years ago, the world of footwear and sneakers took a distinctly new direction. From a utilitarian perspective, footwear was still a necessity in protecting and supporting one through the daily rigors of the concrete jungle. Yet beneath it all, footwear was slowly taking on a subcultural context. From sports to music to art, sneakers began to enter into a distinct realm of more than just function. Fast-forward to the present, sneakers have become an interesting intersection of art, fashion and design. HUPBOX celebrates all these elements providing a proper platform to display your favorite, most meaningful sneakers. Beyond the element of display, HUPBOX also provides the perfect storage option for those looking to gain quick access to their sneakers. Buy.


Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro

Available in Japan for some time now, the Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro, a more advanced version of the original Classic Controller, is finally making its way stateside. Available in Wii white or a striking black, the Classic Pro features double trigger buttons on the right and left for more control options, Playstation-style integrated bottom grips, and will also be bundled with the Capcom title Monster Hunter Tri for $60.

The Love & War MasterPeace by Raheem DeVaughn

Raheem DeVaughn is giving his fans a chance to sample his upcoming third album, The Love & War MasterPeace, bef