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Yes it’s none other than wonderful me again my Global Grindkateers!!! I can’t help but notice a trend that is starting to take place in the media, in my personal adventures, and even in my business life. For some reason it seems that it is becoming ‘ok’ for these dudes to put their hands on women!

When a man openly films himself assaulting a woman or even when we watch something like the esteemed Angela Basset play Tina Turner in ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’, we need to remind not only these men but OURSELVES that this type of behavior is not ok in any way shape or form. I recently visited women that reside in a Battered Women’s Home. Ladies, I was crushed listening to their stories about the ongoing mental and physical abuse and how hard they are now fighting to put their lives back together.

Number ONE – no woman should ever feel that she ‘deserved’ to be hit. I don’t care how far we push, how much we might yell, or how much taunting we might do in a situation. A real man that loves you will walk away from you before he puts his hands on you. Period. And I’m not saying that it’s ok for us to hit a man either, remember ladies unless you are weight training, boxing, or studying martial arts – plain and simple most men are just physically stronger. I need us as women to develop our emotional and mental self esteem to the point that we KNOW we have VALUE and if he cheats, lies, is dis-respectful or makes us feel any less than our worth – WE ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK AWAY.


I am so tired of watching these men be protective over their cars, or their shoes, their jewelry, even their dogs!! And yet they will blatantly act as though we aren’t worthy of protecting. We let them get away with not realizing our true value and its time we stop devaluing ourselves.

Ladies I am worth so much that a man better not even raise his voice at me, even if we are having a disagreement AND I’m in the wrong. We can have a disagreement – we can be mad but as soon as I feel disrespected it’s a wrap. And no, I’m not crazy I just know I HAVE VALUE and I will accept nothing less!!

– Drew Sidora

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