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Does any body know what today is? If a person was to bring up this date June 16th would any particular artist pop up in your mind? Any special birthdays you would think of? If you haven’t caught on to what I am trying to say by now than don’t consider your self a true Hip Hop fan. Today is legendary rapper 2pac’s birthday.

2pac would have been 39 today! Can you believe he would have been that old? He’s almost touching 40! Global Grind put together a special tribute playlist for 2pac on his birthday with his 39 greatest songs on it. 2Pac was more than just a rapper, 2pac was a leader, a voice, a motivational speaker, a son, & a thug.

All of 2Pacs songs stood for different things. Some times not the greatest things but Pac always stood for something. One day Pac might ‘Get Around’ & the next day ‘Brendas Got A Baby’ but he always had a message. Even though 2Pac would have been 39 today all of his music is timeless. 



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