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Vogue launches Vogue Black. As a test to the changing times in the world, Vogue Magazine wants to assure us all that they will not leave anyone out. As Vogue continues to grow as a world wide print megatron, they finally acknowledge the argument that has plgued them for many years. Where is the proper representation of women of color on the pages of the powerfully influential magazine? Well in an attempt to muzzle the screams of inadvertent  racism we now have our own channel via Thats right Itallian Vogue has made space for the ‘BLACKS.’

Im so unaware of how to feel about this so please weigh in and give me your thoughts. Is it a step in the right direction to equality in print and a re-definition of the face of beauty or just a huge ‘Stop complaining and nibble on this?’ Lets hear what you think Grinders and Grindettes! 

Here are some recent pictures from different Vogues showing you the integration of color onto the pages!




 Click on the Picture to head over to the actual Vogue Black Site!

Please weigh in guys, Im dying to hear what you think! All thoughts are respected!

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