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Ok. We done started something with this crystal ball guessing game business here at Global Grind. Last week, I put out some pretty good picks on our Grammy choices and you all out there holla’d back with a dope line up of your own. So props to the GG community for that (our chat room for the Grammy awards was poppin’ people! Join in the fun on the next one…Oscars maybe?)

Now we are taking to this Super Bowl thing and will put it out there for you all to battle again. It’s the New Orlenas Saints verses the Indy Colts. I have my reasons for both teams to become the victor, but there can only be one…before I say my personal choice I asked a few friends who they thought would win the big game in Miami this Sunday and this is what they told me.

Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest): ‘The Jets!’ (He’s still hurting over that one…)

Wale (DC rapper/avid football fan): ‘Rooting for the Saints…but I think the Colts will win because of the experience and Peyton Manning’s preparation time.’

Sway (MTV Host): ‘I’m going with N.O. I like the underdog, plus I got family from Louisiana and it’s a shame that it’s still a struggle to reconstruct the city since Katrina!’

Rocsi (BET Host): ‘I’m a New Orleans girl, Saints all the way!!! I’m from New Orleans and it’s just a franchise that deserves the win. The city has so much pride, even after Katrina.’

Then just for good measure I hit up my barber, yes, my barber, Chrizo. He cuts everyone from Cam’ron to Kobe. He is probably the only dude I know that could name at least one person from the offensive line of any team in the NFL. He’s all knowing when it come to sports and this is what he had to say: ‘Simple, the Saints cause they only have to worry about Manning. Cut off the head and the Colts will fall. Now the Colts have to worry about all those weapons the Saints have, and not for nothing, if the Colts couldn’t stop the Jets for a half, how are they gonna stop the Saints for a whole game? You tell me.’

Well this is what I tell you, I’m for the Colts, but I want the Saints to win. The Colts have been there, done that, so the excitement of them winning again for me is so-so. Yet, this being black history month, I’d love to see a black coach walk away with a Super Bowl ring. Manning is my other reason for caring. He’s just the best at leading his team in tough situations and maintaining their high level of play against lesser talented squads. Great teams tend to slack a bit when they are up against teams that can’t match them talent wise, yet Manning keeps the bar set high week in and week out.

But the Saints are a team of destiny. They bulldozed their way through the season. The first few wins they snatched up, people thought it was luck, flukes and a lot of wishful thinking. As the season chugged along they got stronger and more confident. Drew Brees is one of the young gun arms in the league and he’ll be a great quarterback for years to come. Reggie Bush has finally hit his stride and found his lucky charm in Kim Kardashian. Be it the beauty or the booty, something is working in his favor! Then we have Jeremy Shockey, I still got love for our former TE of the New York Giants. He was always the live wire on our squad and helped us get to the Super Bowl with the younger Manning, but didn’t get to play in the big Bowl due to injury. All good though, he got a ring regardless and will hopefully get this one as an active player in the game. Another reason why I’m riding with the Saints is my man Jonathan Vilma. He is a beast on the field. J.V. played hard for the Jets and has always been super cool to me (that would help) when I’ve interviewed him.

The main reason for my siding with the Saints though is the city of New Orleans. I’ve been in love with the wine, women and wild times that only such a storied city can provide. I’ve been there many times over the p

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