Rapper Renagaide Rebel dropped a dope freestyle over Kanye West’s “Theraflu.”  Reigning from Southside Jamaica, Queens, Renagaide Rebel’s witty flow and sharp shooting punchlines make him one of those infectious New York rappers we’ve all grown to love.  “Everybody heard of me/they all wanna work with me/my gmail is flooded with n*ggas that want a […]


‘As Long as I have God I have everything I need’ is the very first thing you notice when you pull up Tommie Thomas’ twitter page (@Tommo12Thomas). Tommie is on a mission but also realizes that he cannot complete it on his own!  Tommie told me that he puts God before EVERYTHING then family, school, […]


Yesterday, Reggie Bush and the world champion New Orleans Saints visited the White House, which is customary for any team when they win the championship. President Obama was very happy to have them there and remarked on how there were doubts that the team would come back after Hurricane Katrina and if the would be […]

New Orleans Saints quaterback Drew Brees made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman Monday night, to discuss Sundays Super Bowl win. Letterman, who was a Colts fan, was happy for Drew Brees once he saw how special the moment was for Brees and his son. Drew Brees told Letterman ‘I was just […]


Happy Superbowl weekend, everybody! If you’re a fan of football, I’m sure you’ll be paying attention to the plays and the calls that will be made. BUT- if you’re a female and have NO INTEREST in the plays, just the players, I have a special treat for you!  Here’s some Superbowl Eye Candy to enjoy: […]


Ok. We done started something with this crystal ball guessing game business here at Global Grind. Last week, I put out some pretty good picks on our Grammy choices and you all out there holla’d back with a dope line up of your own. So props to the GG community for that (our chat room […]