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We got some new Drizzy Drake for all of you today with no tags on it. That makes this song IPod upload worthy. We all know Drake is one of the illest and feared contendesr on the mic right now but we also know his singing voice is getting better every day. This new joint happens to be more on the R&B side of things for Drake. The song is titled ‘Messages From You’.

Fellas have you ever been out flirting with new women trying to get over the one that you loved but left you? All of a sudden you get a text from her, you while your spitting game to this brand new girl you just met. How do you think that would make you feel? If you don’t know, Drake is here to illustrate all the feelings that come with that situation.

The song only contains one verse & a chorus but we know the full will be out soon.  This song may be coming off Drakes up & coming R&B mixtape. 



Drake-Messages From You by Young Simmons

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What If i Kissed You by Young Simmons