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Hey Global Grind Family! It’s me, Courtnee Mason, America’s new favorite reality princess from VH1’s ‘You’re Cut Off!’…

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! This is truly the time to enjoy fun in the sun, barbecues, and quality time with friends & family. For this Independence Day weekend and my friend’s birthday, the girls and I decided to hit South Beach (Miami) to relax (well besides the ‘stress’ of shopping of course LoL). In preparation for my much needed getaway, and because of the new bikinis I just bought, I decided to go get a bikini wax. Yes, I said it…a bikini wax! Can’t be on South Beach looking like a cave man in a 2-piece (oh don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about)! Sidenote: For all those who have never gone to get a bikini wax, it’s a tad uncomfortable at first, but definitely worth the ‘pain’.  


Anyhow when I reached the beach, after all my pampering & preparation, I look around only to notice how many people OBVIOUSLY didn’t get the memo. I mean I’m thinking like, ‘…ummmm I know it’s Independence Day but these people are TRULY ‘independent’…all free and hairy like they were the sexiest things walking!’ Especially some of the men! I’m talking enough chest hair for a six-inch french braid! Yuck! (#Ithrewupinmymouthalittlebit).

Even some women…fearlessly paraded across the sand as if they were on Rip the Runway! While many would find these sites humorous (though I must admit some were), their full out, unadulterated COURAGE to freely walk around unexposed, without any regard, actually made me wonder: Why do we (as females especially) spend SO MUCH money on our appearance? Is it really for US or is it to impress someone else?” I realize many men have a complex as well…but this is strictly addressed to my ladies! I mean what possesses us to think we have to spend boat loads of money to be ‘beautiful’? I just find it ironic that we contribute to the beauty/fashion industry (which is a BILLION DOLLAR business), just to be labeled a ‘dime’, and yet somehow many of us still feel worth less than a nickel! Smh…it seems we spend more investing in the industry than we do INTERNALLY!

Personally, I blame the media & pop culture. Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE the beauty/fashion (and entertainment) industry! In fact, as a model/actress it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be a Victoria Secret Angel or on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but it wasn’t until recently I, too, had to assess my original reasons and motivations. 

[pagebreak]If you’ve been following the show (‘You’re Cut Off!’) (which I know you all are right!?!), then I’m sure you caught this week’s episode (Episode #5) in which we had a challenge that tackled the topic of “Inner Beauty”. We were asked to look in the mirror after taking off all of our makeup and expose who we TRULY are. I didn’t have a problem participating, but dang on NATIONAL TV!?! #cmonson LoL. It really made me realize just how reliant we are on cosmetics to paint on an image that isn’t fully us! Moreover, what I noticed is that people are NOT really comfortable in the ‘raw’. Even the prettiest of people, without the makeup, plastic surgery and weave (which I love by the way LoL), often hide behind insecurity…

Thereby, having learned the significance of being self-assured, not just on the show…but in my own life/career, I charge you, too, to peel off the layers and strip down…and do some soul searching. Ask yourself, “Who Am I?” and remind yourself daily by answering: “I Am and ALWAYS WILL BE: Beautiful”.