The Daily Grind Video

FRIDAY NIGHT aka ‘movie night’:

Where The Wild Things Are is a movie (directed by Spike Jone) that was at first a book in the 60’s. Its based on a young boy, Max who acts up because his big sister wont give him the time of day and his divorced mom (Catherine Keener) has a new boyfriend (Mark Ruffalo). After being sent to bed without supper for causing a ruckus, Max runs off, finds a boat in the woods an sails away to a magical forest inhabites by a host of talking beasts. To find out more about the movie, click here.

Law Abiding Citizen is a movie starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. Jamie plays an assistant DA who finds himself dealing with a spiteful vigilante (Gerard Butler) who is hell bent on avenging his wife and daughter’s death, whether he has to do it as a free man or from jail. To find out more about the movie, click here.

The Stepfather is about a teenage boy that is suspicious of his stepfather who he think is a serial killer, so he tries to gather evidence to catch his bad stepfather.To find out more about this movie, click here.

Tonight the MLB playoffs continue:

SATURDAY aka ‘chill day’:

12pm: College football starts the day off for those that watch it. If you don’t watch football, you can catch ‘Baldwin Hills’ on BET, ‘E! Investigates: Little Girl Gone'</stron