Bon Iver has released the visuals for their upcoming album’s first single “Calgary.” The interpretive video opens with a bed floating on water and a holographic woman comes to life. She journeys through the forest and meets up with another wandering guy. The two are met at a lake by a band of people and set […]


It seems like just yesterday when Nicki Minaj was just another Myspace sensation. Now, she’s an up and coming singer and rapper, not to mention lady of Young Money and the rumored wife of Drake. In her own typical fashion, rockin’ the red hair, her performance at Wild 94.1’s The Last Damn Show 12 this […]

Jeff Foxworthy always said “You know you’re a redneck if…” well looking at these folks even he would agree, these folks are rednecks and they are WILD N OUT. These are the most redneck weddings ever. You sometimes hear the term shotgun wedding, well watching these folk some of them are sporting double barrel shotties […]

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Kendra Wilkinson spent the day with her husband Hank and their son Hank Jr. yesterday. The former Playmate recently told the Times that she’s not the wild girl she used to be before marriage and motherhood.  ‘Oh my gosh! Being a mom and a wife is not as easy as I thought. I have friends […]

<p>Too Hot To Handle : Miss Sarah Dane Dias In Transparent Top ( Hot Pics ) .. learn more at</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>Motorhome Aires de Service are a network of stopping places specifically designed for motor homes or camping cars as the French call them. In most instances they are run by the local town council or &lsquo;Mairie&rsquo; but there are also private Aires, auto route Aires, Aires within the proximity of campsites, Aires de Stationement (an […]

<p>Last night I was thinking about a great book I read many years ago, most of us are familiar with the, Clan of The Cave Bears, I love that book and I was thinking about the main character, a women, who in her travels came upon a horse. She was camped out&nbsp; along a rocky […]

<p>Goodie Mob reunites in Tampa, FL at Wild 94.1’s "Last Damn Show 11" this past weekend, here’s some of the exclusive footage…</p>

FRIDAY NIGHT aka ‘movie night’: Where The Wild Things Are is a movie (directed by Spike Jone) that was at first a book in the 60’s. Its based on a young boy, Max who acts up because his big sister wont give him the time of day and his divorced mom (Catherine Keener) has a new […]


Spike Jonze new movie ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is in theatres now! In tribute to this master, check out some of his past work in hip-hop! 1. Notorious B.I.G. ‘Skys The Limit’ 2. Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ 3. Ludacris ‘Get Back’ 4. Kanye West ‘Flashing Lights’ 5. Fat Boy Slim ‘Weapon Of Choice’


<p>Indian People Attacked by Wild Turkeys in Cherry Hill, NJ lmao</p>