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Why is it when it appears that you might be dating someone seriously, everyone comes out of the woodworks?

I’ll tell you why:

It’s the age old tale of the chase. The challenge. If you are not a challenge then men & women alike will always feel like they can have you when they want you until they make a decision. But what happens if the person that you have had waiting meets someone, really falls for them, and they make the decision before you do?

Then all of sudden they aren’t thinking about those 3 days you didn’t call them. They were talking to their new interest. All of sudden they aren’t thinking about the times they emailed/bbm’d you and you didn’t reply. They are bbm’ing their new interest. All of a sudden they aren’t thinking about the major event in their life they really wanted you to share with them. They shared it with their new interest. All of a sudden the more time they spend with their new interest, the less they are thinking about you. And then you start to realize that he or she isn’t hitting you like they used to. You start thinking, “Maybe I am losing the control I had over this person. Wait, I am not ready to make a decision but I don’t want this person dating anyone seriously! Oh No! What do I do???”

And of course, if you have options most people are selfish and want to keep those options and relinquish them at their discretion. But like clockwork when a person is single and looking, you can’t find love nowhere but as soon as you get some sort of interest going, everybody you ever thought you wanted to date starts calling and sending you wild texts!

The answer is… if you are really into your new interest, don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe regarding the people coming out of the woodworks. But some people use the new interest as a tool to get who they were really trying to get in the begining but that can backfire. You know what they say be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

I know that this seems kind of random and all over the place, but I would love to know all of your opinions on this subject????

Holla at The GURU. I am in the studio working & drinking, so beware. Lol.


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