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‘O you who believe, if an unrighteous man brings you news, look carefully into, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you did.’–Holy Quran 49:6


Yesterday, October 25, I received a direct message on my Twitter account (@BrotherJesse) from someone I follow. The link she sent me was from a recent post by MediaFakeOut….excuse me I mean


I knew I was sent this because I am a member of the Nation of Islam and she wanted my perspective on it. It’s no mystery to you or anyone else the stance the NOI has on the LGBT lifestyle. People still refer to our leader Minister Farrakhan and us as extremely homophobic or pushing some sort of homophobic political agenda…..not true.

This blog is not to debate that but for the record on the inside back cover of every edition of The Final Call Newspaper you will find The Muslim Program. Point #3 of What the Muslims Want reads ‘We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all, regardless of creed or class or color.’

But back to MediaFakeOut…..

My first thought was not to read the link because that website is notorious for making a living off defaming dead people and ‘breaking news’ on lies about people still living. Of course they are not the only ones doing it. Gossip, slander, falsehood, outright lies and back-biting has become American as apple pie, baseball and the Dallas Cowboys.

But being that I was just speaking at a school last week in Houston’s 5th Ward to some students about Black history they knew little about such as Ancient Egyptian civilization and leaders such as Malcolm X and others, I decided to read this article.

It met my expectations. In the opening paragraph they wrote:

‘ had to struggle hard to determine whether or not we were even gonna talk about this. But after a long internal debate we figured that, instead of burying our heads in the sand, it was better to let you guys know what folks are saying about one of the most revered and important African American leaders.’

I doubt it very seriously they ‘struggled hard’ and I am sure the internal ‘debate’ was short. So what’s your motive? Why would you publish this if its an allegation? We already know why…it’s the American way.

An allegation is defined as ‘an assertion made with little or no proof’. Let’s see if this applies.

The source of these allegations is an openly gay journalist 9,000 miles away in Britain named Peter Tatchell. Tatchell says he has ‘overwhelming’ evidence that Malcolm X was bisexual and that this ‘revelation’ will somehow serve as a motivation for all Black youth possibly feeling alienated in our community because they joined the LGBT society.

Tatchell wrote:
‘They could benefit from positive, high-achieving role models, to give them confidence and inspiration. Who better than Malcolm X? He inspired my human rights activism and was a trailblazer in the black freedom struggle. He can inspire other LGBT people too.’

Are you seriou