As we do each and every day, GlobalGrind brings you the best hip-pop celebrity photos of everything that’s happened in the past 24 hours. We noticed that stars do the same normal things that we all do. They party, drink, kick it with the family and shop. Just a week ago, AnnaLynne McCord was spotted on […]

Kat Stacks got implants? Idk, according to mediatakeout they saying she does. Mediatakeout might be getting shouted out on twitter for this one. As we have seen in the past Kat is not shy when it comes to airing people out. We all know of her twitter exploits, from rappers and ballers alike, Kat will […]

Gossip is big business and few know that better than founder Fred Mwangaguhunga. Since launching in 2006, has become the leading urban gossip site and ranks in the top 400 of all U.S. sites, according to Outranking better branded sites such as, and, respectively backed by media conglomerates AOL, […]


        ‘O you who believe, if an unrighteous man brings you news, look carefully into, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you did.’–Holy Quran 49:6   Yesterday, October 25, I received a direct message on my Twitter account (@BrotherJesse) from someone I follow. The link she […]


Over at we got wind of a brewing story that was posted by Mediatakeout. The thumbnail picture that they used seemed to hold some validity as three of our personal favorite women in the industry were free balling (panty-less), at Kim Kardashians 29th Birthday Party at Tao in Las Vegas. My heart sank as […]

Check out these flicks of Amber Rose looking absolutely georgeous in her red dress. Thanks for the afternoon hook up MediaTakeOut, we salute you!      

*Note: We’ve seen so much homophobia on the net recently, that we couldn’t help but take a few jabs at the scaredy cat coverage… GASP!!! OUR EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION SHOWS THAT BRUNO IS GAY!!! DID YOU GET THE MEMO??? WE DIDN’T!!!  SHOCKER!!!! ELLEN DEGENERES AND HER LOVER! YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!!! WE’VE GOT THE PHOTO […]