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Many have referred to the infamous “generational gap,” but this Memorial weekend I was able to experience it first-hand and to the fullest.

My weekend began in Phoenix on Thursday.  As I arrived at the Phoenician Hotel for the NAACP 500 Summit, I wasn’t sure of what to expect or what to pack.  You see, I intended to start my weekend in Phoenix on business, but planned to end it with a bang in Las Vegas.  My suitcase included everything from business suits to bathing suits.

I was attempting to “be prepared,” for anything, but little did I know I was in for more than I imagined.

The NAACP Summit was loaded with professionals, young entrepreneurs and philanthropists.  Although young people were sprinkled throughout the group, the majority of those involved were more senior.  As I mingled, networked and attended panel discussions on healthcare, financial literacy and civic engagement, I couldn’t help but wonder what the contrast would be when I got to Vegas.

Enter Vegas.  When I landed late Saturday evening, you could feel the energy in the air.  Music (mostly Drake) was blasting from every car.  Bentley’s, lamborghini’s and every exotic car you could imagine was on the strip.  Every single athlete not playing in the NBA Finals and entertainer was there.  The overarching, unanimous theme was that of a good time.  Almost every person there came to enjoy that moment in time, live life to the fullest and get it in.

As my sometimes over analytical mind enjoyed and examined both experiences, I realized there isn’t a generational gap.  Rather, I believe there is a fundamental difference in peoples’ interests, priorities and values.  Neither is right or wrong in my opinion, just one’s prerogative.

At my age and at this point in time, I believe it is critical that we leave a legacy.  All the time, I wonder when I leave this earth, what legacy will I leave for my future children and our people.  However, we can’t become so entrenched in the struggle for equality and freedom that we forget to live, let our hair down and have a good time.  While many of the people on each end of the spectrum may have disagreed with how the other spent their Memorial weekend, I was very fortunate to have experienced both.

The shift to the internet and digital media has given younger kids the opportunity to be exposed to and own that balance.  Our President and First Lady, in my opinion, have mastered the art of being socially responsible, putting God and family first, and having a balanced, fun life.  At the end of the day, let’s leave a legacy that matters and have fun in the process.

Live. Life. Love.
Valeisha Butterfield

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