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One of the greatest debates ever in Hip Hop is who was better Biggie or Tupac? I’m sure everyone has their own reason of who was best and has facts to support their choice of favorite emcee.  Me personally, I don’t even think the 2 should be compared. One was a diverse lyricist, the other an eccentric poet. Both had great wordplay. 

I think some of that debate just stems from East vs. West but either way, both emcees originally hail from the East. Tupac just found his love in the West. Anyway, I think its safe to say we all agree to disagree.

I think a better debate today would be who is the best producer in Hip Hop? We’ll since its my blog I say the best producer was Detroit’s finest, James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla. Some of you may be saying J who?? Or what about Dr Dre, Timbaland, Kanye, Pharrell or Swizz Beatz? I got love for them but Dilla was just amazing!! My best friend Rockwilder will co-sign that Dilla was the illest as well.

Although you wont know Dilla for selling gold or platinum albums, he’s contributed to many of your favorite emcee’s albums. He’s done hits such as Stakes Is High (De La Soul), Vivrant Thing (Q Tip), and Enjoy The Ride (Busta Rhymes). Dilla has been known to take a sample from your mothers favorite record and turn it into your favorite record. A perfect example of that would be “So Far To Go” featuring Common and D’Angelo.

Unfortunately, the world has lost the great Jay Dee, February 10th 2006 to TTP, a rare blood disease and possibly Lupus. Fortunate for us, Dilla worked all the way up to his death and has left posthumous music and albums for us to enjoy. Some of that music includes albums “The Shining” (listen to E=Mc2 featuring Common), Ruff Draft, and Jay Love Japan. Busta Ryhmes and Mick Boogie also have released a mixtape out called Dillagence.

Anyway, Dilla is my favorite producer and Notorious B.I.G my favorite emcee.

Who is yours?? Sound off!!

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