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Can somebody please tell me which artist has become wealthier after leaving Jay Z, 50 Cent or Diddy??  Don’t be mad at me for my opinion. The fact of the matter is, if you come from underneath the umbrella, you’re bound to get wet!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not siding with the moguls, I’m just trying to even the playing field. In all fairness, some people have come from underneath the umbrella for different reasons. Its not always about finance. For some it was religion, the loss of passion in their career or just wanting to be independent without being bitter. For others, hidden agendas, jealousy and envy, but most of all lack of communication.

Ok, you’re 100% right, I don’t know the particulars of the beefs, percentages, finances…etc. Who am I to make such a generalized statement?? What do I know about their previous friendships?? I may not know everyone’s qualms but there’s one thing I know for sure and 2 things I know for certain:

1. There are no friendships in business.
2. Nothing last for ever.
3. You are the only master of your own fate (good or bad).

Here’s another thing… nobody was complaining when it was all good. Artist (and entourages) went from the street corner to the studios. They went from phone cards to credit cards. From deli sandwiches to private chefs. From being average Joe to being on top of the world. If moguls didn’t come get you off the corner you’d still be on the corner (that’s a fact).

Moguls have busts their asses just as much as artist and they have things to protect as well. You can’t hate them from having their shit in order. That’s why its up to the artist to have his ‘i’s dotted and ‘t’s crossed. So I decided to make a list of 10 must do’s for future artist:

1. Know exactly what you want before commiting to anything.
2. If somethings seems fishy it probably is. Walk away if necessary.
3. Wait patiently for the right situation. Have options!
4. You manager should NOT be a childhood friend. Pay for a good one.
5. You should have outside legal council watch after your interest.
6. You should have someone watching over the watchers.
7. Get familiar with the business so you know what to look out for.
8. Have fun but, save save save!!
9. Never air your dirty laundry to the public. Its not a good look!!
10. Don’t wait until the pot boils, communicate any disagreements immediately!!

I hope you took notes. I know I did. Shout out to my hero Memphis Bleek!!! Seems as if if humility will always pay off!!

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Rasheed Young aka I wanna work for Diddy, 50 and Jay Z!!