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R. Kelly used to be the man behind pissing in socially unacceptable places, but it looks like Justin Bieber’s got that under control now.

Bieber was with his crew leaving a nightclub in New York through the back of a restaurant, and suddenly got the urge to pee – and he did – right in a mop bucket belonging to the restaurant.

During the ruckus, his friends appropriately yell “Wild Kids!” and other notable phrases like “That’s the coolest spot to piss.”

Uh, really? 

What made this awkward situation twice as awkward is Justin Bieber’s security guard who stood there and literally watched him pee – nope, he didn’t even cover his eyes or turn around.

AFTER this historical release – as if that just wasn’t wild enough – Justin sprays cleaning liquid at a Bill Clinton picture while yelling “Fuck Bill Clinton!”

Is it just us or does the Biebs need some new people around him? What’s he so pissed about anyway. He’s got his girl back… what more does he want?!