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One day you’re in and the next day you’re out!

Heidi Klum unveiled a new billboard in Los Angeles for the upcoming 12th season of Project Runway, which depicts a “Fashion Reigns” theme. In it, Ms. Klum and Tim Gunn play royals, while a group of toned scantily clad nude models grovel at their feet.

Guess the statement piece didn’t go over too well with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, because they pulled the billboard, deeming it “obscene;” requiring a version with the models wearing underwear run in its place.

The department noted that all signs with “obscene matters” are subject to prohibition – so Heidi’s not alone on this one!

In other major cities – like New York, the billboard will run as is and will also be featured on websites, bus-shelters, and in magazines.

Is L.A. going too far by labeling the billboard obscene? What do you think?