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Anderson Cooper snatched the first interview with George Zimmerman trial juror B-37 [and in case you missed it, she signed a book deal yesterday] but I digress.

With her identity hidden, but her voice heard, B-37 sat down with Anderson and gave incredibly telling insight into what went on in the jury room, including what witnesses helped the defense’s case, and what evidence was most important to them.

We learned that of the 6 jurors, 1 wanted second degree murder, 2 wanted manslaughter and 2 wanted a not guilty, but they eventually all agreed on not guilty, of course.

Here are the highlights:

1. Jurors went into jury room split: 3 not guilty, 2 manslaughter, 1 second degree murder

2. Thought Trayvon threw the first punch

3. Believed it was Zimmerman screaming for help on 911 calls

And some quotes:

-“I think both were responsible for the situation they got into. I think both could have walked away.”

-“I have no doubt George feared for his life.”

-[The laws got] “confusing.” “That was our problem, it was so confusing, what went with what…”

-“I think he was frustrated.” [B37 on Zimmerman.] “I would feel comfortable having George” [as a neighborhood watch volunteer.]

But in wake of all the media attention, Sharlene Martin of Martin Literary Management LLC announced that B-37 will no longer pursue a book deal.

The juror’s statement, via Martin [via Buzzfeed]:

“I realize it was necessary for our jury to be sequestered in order to protest our verdict from unfair outside influence, but that isolation shielded me from the depth of pain that exists among the general public over every aspect of this case. The potential book was always intended to be a respectful observation of the trial from my and my husband’s perspectives solely and it was to be an observation that our ‘system’ of justice can get so complicated that it creates a conflict with our ‘spirit’ of justice.

Now that I am returned to my family and to society in general, I have realized that the best direction for me to go is away from writing any sort of book and return instead to my life as it was before I was called to sit on this jury.”

The juror’s announcement came after Martin — who has also represented Amanda Knox’s ex Raffaele Sollecito — decided to drop her following hours of outrage on social media.

“After careful consideration regarding the proposed book project with Zimmerman Juror B37, I have decided to rescind my offer of representation in the exploration of a book based upon this case,” Martin said in an email at the time.

Welp, that was quick.

Check out B-37’s interview with Anderson Cooper below…

And, for a little recap, here’s some background on B-37, The Pet Lover:

B37 is described as a middle-aged white woman who owns many pets. She worked for a chiropractor for 16 years and has two children – a 24-year-old dog groomer and a 27-year-old who attends the University of Central Florida. Both are girls. Her husband has a concealed weapons permit, and while she used to have one, she let it expire.

Interesting tidbit: After Trayvon Martin’s murder, she described the protests in Sanford as “riots.” 

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