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Kanye West has managed to drop an album, a baby, a clothing collection and strong-arm a TMZ field reporter all in the last month, so clearly he has embodied the powers of Yeezus. But one person who fears no Yeezus, or any celebrity for that matter, is A.P.C founder Jean Touitou. 

After collaborating on a two-year venture with the rapper to create a limited run collection of basic t-shirts, jeans and hoodies, that notoriously sold out in just a few hours, Jean has more than enough to reflect upon. 

The French designer spilled some gems about the collaboration with ‘Ye in a recent interview with, and while he does admit he simply loves Kanye, he makes it very clear that celebrities are not his thing. 

As for a follow up collection with Mr. West, Touitou keeps it notoriously elusive when he states “only time will tell” if there will be a part two to the A.P.C x Kanye saga. 

Check out some excerpts from the interview below. 

How does Kanye West compare as a collaborator to others you’ve worked with? He is famously particular. Did you have any trepidation about working together?

I just love the guy, so whatever. He could want a piece to be baggy and skinny at the same time… [but] oh well, you just find a way.

This collection has been in the works for two years. It sounds like with this process, the devil was in the details. What has the back and forth on design been like?

The devil was in theoretical discussion, not in details. When you deal with a guy who wants to redesign just about anything so it could fit [into the] kingdom of dopeness, it takes some time to just sit and say, “Okay, agreed, but let’s get start on something limited, and we’ll see.”

In addition to having only a handful of styles, the collection is also being produced in a very limited run. Are you anticipating a quick sell out? Will any pieces be put aside for VIPs or celebrities? Have you been receiving requests?

Production hasn’t been so limited—mind you, sir, we are a small company. I am not anticipating anything. I never do. I am not into the celebrity thing. The only celebrities who impress me are writers. I follow no god, no celeb, no master, no myth.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Fashion killed rock and roll. Fashion killed contemporary art, and turned it vulgar. And if hip-hop artists are not careful it will also kill hip-hop.

That’s a pretty strong closing statement! Don’t get murked hip-hop, don’t get murked.