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The video of Kanye West allegedly assulting a photographer has surfaced. Check it out below courtesy of TMZ.


Kanye West may have just beat a paparazzi’s ass!

According to reports, all the ‘razzi remembers were mad people screaming “World Star!!!”

…Alright, no seriously.

TMZ was on hand when the alleged fight happened, and they claim this one aggressive paparazzo wouldn’t stop asking Yeezus questions while he was out in L.A.

Remember he told the paps, don’t ever talk...

TMZ reports:

An eyewitness tells us, Kanye was leaving the terminal with a bodyguard and approximately five paparazzi surrounded him, snapping pictures. We’re told one photog was especially aggressive — not a TMZ photog — and probed Kanye with tons of questions.

We’re told Kanye told the man not to ask him questions, but he kept going — and Kanye attacked, attempting several punches, and the man fell down. Paramedics and police are currently on scene.

Damn Ye! These paparazzi ain’t worth not seeing your daughter for a few months or longer because you’re in jail for beating up a camera guy.


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