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Have no fear, Justin Bieber’s swaggiest, saggiest, and baggiest moments are here!

For all you Beliebers, you might really enjoy this one. We know Justin has been in the spotlight for his most recent incidents like peeing in mop buckets, or the drugs found on his tour bus, so it’s safe to say he may be a little out of control at times.

In addition to his bladder, another thing Bieber can’t seem to control is his wardrobe, meaning he apparently doesn’t own a belt, or if he’s actually wearing a belt it’s simply for the style and not to keep his pants from falling down. 

There are very few outings where we don’t see this pop star’s behind or sagging pants. Truthfully, he really doesn’t care, it’s part of his style; it’s swaggy! 

So much for Don Lemon’s testimony about the 5 steps black youth need to change in today’s culture, one of them being wearing pants below their butts. Obviously, it’s not only a part of African American culture, because Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics and Justin Bieber do it too.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

If he wanted to soar, his pants could act as a parachute.

He’s got a rodeo-MC Hammer-themed look going on here.

MC Hammer, he’s coming for you…

Even his belt can’t help the swiz-zag.

Yep, even at mic check!

Even without a shirt, the pants remain below the waist.

Nice Gucci belt! 

These pants make him look like he’s got a pregnant woman’s hips.

He likes to keep it G and it kind of fits him.

Obviously, he wanted to show off his Polo boxers.

Mr. Hammer… I’m not gonna tell you again.

These pants are too far Justin.

Maybe it’s just a comfort thing for him.

What are y’all looking at?

At least this time he’s on vacation…

What’s going on down there? Honestly, we’re not too sure.

He’s totally embracing the West Coast below the butt style while in Cali.

Do you dig the Bieber look?