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As gun violence continues to bring bloodshed across the country, you’d think people would think twice before buying a gun and shooting.

Some lawmakers have recommended more restrictive gun laws, but most Americans have taken the exact opposite approach.

Below is a list of the most outrageous gun laws put forth in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

1. Guns in bars. North and South Carolina are the latest in a list of states that allow guns in bars. In North Carolina, anyone can bring a gun to happy hour unless the bar owner explicitly prohibits it. The new South Carolina law would void the previous law that carried a $2,000 fine for taking a gun into a bar.

2. Guns in playgrounds. Again, North Carolina lawmakers are the geniuses behind making it legal to bring a deadly firearm to a park full of unarmed children. 

3. Armed teachers in schools. Since the Newton, CT shooting, at least six states have seriously discussed arming teachers. South Dakota is the first state to actually write this into law, but Arkansas is up next. A school in Clarksville, Arkansas has required teachers to undergo a 53-hour class that authorizes them to carry concealed weapons. 

4. High school shooting classes. A South Carolina bill described an elective in schools that would teach Second Amendment rights and gun safety. The students would meet at a nearby shooting range to practice. Instead of a gold star for an A+, you get some free ammo!

5. State-sponsored endorsement of violation of federal gun laws. Though unlikely to pass, as many as 15 states have proposed legislation that would punish FBI agents and other federal officials for doing their jobs. In Montana, policemen would have the authority to arrest FBI agents for trying to enforce gun laws on charges of kidnapping. In Arizona, sheriffs would be allowed to resist federal gun laws.

6. Guns in churches. Next Sunday, be sure to remember your festive church hat AND your gun! States like Georgia and Arkansas have ruled to allow guns in houses of worship.

7. Felony charges for proposing restrictive gun legislation. Just because it would never pass, this Missouri proposal is still alarming. State Rep. Mike Leara (R) wants to charge “[a]ny member of the general assembly who proposes a piece of legislation that further restricts the right of an individual to bear arms, as set forth under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States” with a class D felony.

8. Forcing business owners to allow guns. A Colorado statesman has proposed that every business open to the public must either allow concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns inside or hire armed security officers. If the business refuses to comply, should any violence occur on the premises, they would be held accountable, since the injuries or deaths might have been prevented by an armed patron or guard.

9. Requiring a gun in every single home. Perhaps the most offensive of all has been a movement in Nelson, Georgia to mandate that literally every residence own a gun. A nearby Georgia town, as well as parts of Utah and Idaho, are considering similar legislation. It’s noteworthy that this law is exceptionally invasive. You’d think that the people who allege the government oversteps their boundaries by requiring background checks on gun owners would notice the hypocrisy of forcing people to own guns, irrespective of their personal beliefs. In the words of gun-enthusiast, South Carolina lawmaker Shane Martin (R-Spartanburg), “Government needs to get out of the way.”

Just to end on a good note (not), let’s not forget that the U.S Senate failed to pass legislation that would strengthen gun background checks, despite the fact that 90 percent of Americans were for it.

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