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Pop sensation Justin Bieber performed Eminem’s iconic record “Lose Yourself” Sunday night at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Unfortunately, the Biebs flubbed the first line saying, “his palms are heavy” rather than “his palms are sweaty.” “Lose Yourself” is a classic hip-hop record that Detroit natives take pretty seriously.

Surprisingly, crowd goers didn’t seem to notice the pop star’s slip up!

But we still think Bieber’s palms were probably pretty sweaty.

According to the Huffington Postborder authorities searched one of the Bieber’s tour buses at Ambassador Bridge, the borderline of Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.  

Bieber was not on the bus during the search, but a police dog found a small amount of personal marijuana. The bus driver was cited, however the bus was allowed to enter the U.S.

Take a look at Justin Bieber’s “Lose Yourself” performance above.