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It’s been nearly 15 years since the cast of The Best Man has gotten together to make a classic box office hit, but the reunion has finally happened!

This past year, NBC Universal announced that the sequel to the 90’s favorite was in the works, and the whole cast had signed on to start filming for The Best Man Holiday.

We’ve gotten to see the women come back to set, as well as the men, and now we’re slowly but surely seeing this movie come together!

Morris Chestnut, who plays Lance Sullivan in the film, felt pretty nostalgic coming back to a whole new set with the familiar faces.

We got a chance to sit down with the 44-year-old actor while visiting the set earlier this year, and he revealed some pretty major changes with his character!

Check out what Morris revealed about his character Lance below!

Looking through the script after you guys talked about it, what was the first set of emotions going through both of yur heads after seeing where the characters would go, what happened?

Well, with me, I mean the whole process of movie making is I don’t get too excited until its done and its on set. Because so many times projects that are about to be greenlit and when we went to dinner as cast two years ago, and Malcolm called like, “Yeah, you know, it looks good!” but nothing would happen. And even after the table reads it would be like, “Yeah, they like the table reads but we still gotta jump through some hoops.” I wasn’t getting too excited about it until it actually happened.

Where are you in your relationship?

In my relationship? I mean, Lance, right now, has matured since the first movie. He has a family now and he’s dealing with other personal things in his life. He accepts Harper back into his life and back into his life for a reason. And he’s having a difficult time right now. He’s trying to break the record, but there’s a crisis that’s really overtaking everything else.

Of all of your projects coming out in 2013, is this one of the roles you were most looking forward to this year?

Yes, yes, yes! One thing is that I love this movie, and particularly, this cast is great. People can relate to all of the characters. We just wanted to get back together, and it’s been fun. This character is the most emotional character I’ve ever played. This movie has taken a lot out of me.

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