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What if there was an entirely different cast starring on our beloved show The Office?

Rainn Wilson posted The Office‘s original audition list in March on Facebook when the show was ending its final season, and he opened up a lot of the what-ifs — Adam Scott as Jim? — teasing fans who could only imagine what those audition tapes might look like.

EW posted one of the audition tapes that, if chosen, would’ve changed The Office entirelyas well as the Sign-Up sheet for people who were auditioning for the various parts.

Seth Rogan auditioned for Dwight (could you imagine Rogan saying, “You couldn’t handle my undivided attention?).

Bob Odenkirk auditioning for Michael Scott (who’s funnier than Steve Carrell?!).

Ever Carradine as Jenna (can John Krasinski be with anyone else besides Jenna Fischer?).

Adam Scott auditioned for Jim (vice versa for Jenna).

Let’s face it! If things turned out differently 10 years ago, we wouldn’t have had such a lively, outspoken, awkward, and interesting group of people who kept us laughing for a decade about the work environment.

The Office arrives on Blu-ray on Sept. 3, and the 2003 casting tapes are one of the best bonus features.


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