There might be a reboot of “The Office” coming soon. Read more about the beloved show’s potential return inside.

Two new shows are taking over Tuesday night television. Fans can't stop talking about NBC's Grand Crew and ABC's Abbott Elementary, which airs 30 minutes apart on different networks. Discover more about how these shows that, in only a few episodes, have been added to viewers' must-watch lists. See fan reactions inside.

The greatest debate of 2021 is whether or not people should be vaccinated to protect themselves from one of this decade's most life-threatening viruses. Most recently, a viral tweet had fans of The Office hypothesizing how characters would react to a mandatory vaccination. 

Black and woman-owned fashion brand Hanifa paid homage to The Office in a new sample sale promotional video. Founder of the brand Anifa Mvuemba is joined by her small team in an office-like setting reenacting one of the show's most notable scenes. 

Halloween is this Friday, and if you're not hitting up a costume party this year, Netflix and Hulu have you covered.

Columbus Short has been able to avoid jail time for a felony assault after knocking a guy out at a West Los Angeles restaurant in March 2014. The actor pled no contest to the charges, and was given probation instead of any jail time, but he will have to keep a clean record for awhile. […]

We just finished binge-watching Orange Is The New Black and True Detective  And we were captivated by the Game Of Thrones season finale. So it’s high time someone said it: television has some of the greatest characters of all time. But that’s nothing new. For years, TV shows have been introducing us to characters that make us laugh, […]

West Coast rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube found himself in hot water after comments he made following the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. Now, Cube says his comments were taken out of context. According to USA Today, the rapper said, “we was robbed” in the Best Onscreen Duo category during the award show. He and Ride Along co-star Kevin […]

We bet funny man Craig Robinson isn’t joking about this. The Office star was arrested yesterday in the Bahamas for drug possession after trying to board the plane with half a gram of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills. Well, damn. According to TMZ: Robinson — who was in the Bahamas for a comedy show at […]

What if there was an entirely different cast starring on our beloved show The Office? Rainn Wilson posted The Office‘s original audition list in March on Facebook when the show was ending its final season, and he opened up a lot of the what-ifs — Adam Scott as Jim? — teasing fans who could only imagine what those audition […]