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We just finished binge-watching Orange Is The New Black and True Detective  And we were captivated by the Game Of Thrones season finale. So it’s high time someone said it: television has some of the greatest characters of all time.

But that’s nothing new. For years, TV shows have been introducing us to characters that make us laugh, cry, question our morals, and even show us new ways to use the word ‘fuck!’

So, to say thanks to the TV gods, we’re giving props to 10 of the most memorable characters ever on TV. Let us know who your favorite is and if we left anyone off the list.

1. Dwight Schrute: The Office  Dwight held his own on The Office, even as it seemed everyone was against him – and technically, they were.

2. Officer Mendez, aka Pornstache:  When your character has a nickname, you know it’s a good one. Officer Mendez’s over the top antics on OITNB made his return the highlight of this season, even if he wasn’t on every episode.

3. Jesse Pinkman: Breaking Bad  Yeah, Bitch! A catchphrase can go a long way, but Walter White’s cooking partner helped make the show – snappy phrases or not.

4. Tyrion Lannister: Game of Thrones  The dwarf might have started out providing the comic relief, but he’s grown to be one of the best characters on the show, even providing an odd sort of moral center amid the chaos.

5. Steve Urkel: Family Matters  Did he do that? Yes. Urkel is a classic.

6. Tommy: Martin  He went from a classic character on TV to one hell of a meme. Plus, if you needed proof Tommy was a drug dealer, here it goes…

7. Jazz: Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air — The reoccurring characters often end up providing the best TV moments. Here’s 10 minutes of Jazz getting kicked out of Bel-Air:

8. Omar: The Wire — When you heard that whistle, you knew someone was about to die. If you come at the king, you better not miss.

9. Samantha: Sex and the City — She might have been a bit loose, but she was either every girl’s slutty friend, or that woman every guy wanted to roll around in the sack with.

10. Debra “Deb” Morgan: Dexter — If you don’t know how awesome Deb from Dexter is, here’s a 20-minute video of her saying ‘fuck.’


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