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September issues don’t always have to be about glitz and over the top glam. Selena Gomez proves that as she covers the pre-fall 2013 issue of  i-D magazine, looking cozy in a Margaret Howell pullover. It’s refreshing to see the natural beauty not dipped in designers and pampered with extravagant hair and makeup. The “girl next door” look suits her very well.

Miss Gomez, who recently enjoyed her 21st birthday, dropped the big name labels to hit the streets of London in nothing more than regular everyday attire. Not to mention, she has little to no makeup on, with hair that doesn’t look like it’s been touched by any heat styling tools. And we love it.

She explains the shoot, saying:

I love doing shoots overseas. Actually being there and feeling the environment adds a realness to the shoot. It’s so easy to wear incredible, beautiful dresses and look super glamorous, because you have the power of Photoshop, but a shoot that’s really stripped-down and raw is really fun to do. I was being rained on, it was freezing, I was covered in a giant sweater and my hair was all over the place. I got to just be in that moment and feel like I was there.

The queen of the music charts  gives tons of face below in a John Varvatos coat, Marni ringer tee, and Denham jeans.