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Computers, demigods, martial arts legends, men wearing glasses or with bulging muscles and kicking major ass; Thor, The GrandMaster and Steve Jobs are making us giddy with excitement for their upcoming movies!

Want to see how history was made and Macbooks were created? Do you want to see how a creative genius fights for his dream to become a reality? Then you have to see Jobs! Starring the sexy Ashton Kutcher (he looks so cute wearing glasses and a clip-on tie), go back in time where Walkmen and pagers existed, and see a man who wants to change the way we use technology. This second trailer makes everyone excited to see how Jobs really made it to the top.

On November 8, Thor will return to us on the big screen looking just as ripped as before. Thor goes through a personal, painful journey and meets an enemy that even Odin and Asgard can’t withstand. There’s more battles and more excitement in this sequel.

Want to know how he did it? The true story of the one man who trained martial arts fighter, Bruce Lee. “He had to learn how to be a legend before becoming one.” Fights, war, and love are all intertwined with this story. The Grandmaster will finally make an appearance for all to see who he truly is.